alan: Sora Uta

Sora Uta, alan

1. Sora Uta

2. My Stage

Sora Uta is alan’s fourth single, released on August 13th, 2008. It reached #34 on the Oricon charts and has sold 3 633 copies. It is the second of her five singles based on the five Japanese elements, this one representing the sky.

Sora Uta (sky song) was better than Natsukashii Mirai – Longing Future -, definitely. The Tibetan element is a lot stronger than on her previous two singles, and her soft, more mainstream voice is enchanting. She’s progressing toward a more outgoing pop, as rendered obvious by the instrumentally powerful chorus. Frankly, I wasn’t very surprised by this single and the song was kind of boring at the beginning. The chorus is very nice, although kind of overblown, and certain lines are really catchy. Nonetheless, an improvement.

My Stage is a bizarre track, and I really wasn’t expecting this after Sora Uta. It’s almost like American R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop, and it definitely doesn’t suit alan, but it was a decent attempt. I hope that she releases better B-Sides in the future.


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