Anna Tsuchiya: CRAZY WORLD


2. What you gonna do?

3. CRAZY WORLD (FPM Hyper Society Mix)

CRAZY WORLD is Anna Tsuchiya’s eighth single, released on June 11th, 2008. It reached #11 on Oricon and has sold 10 488 copies.

If CRAZY WORLD feat. AI is an experiment, it succeeded really well. Although this contradicts public opinion (not that I really care about it anyway), I think CRAZY WORLD is better than cocoon in pretty much every respect. The mix between hip-hop/rap and rock, although I hate the first, is really good-sounding. Anna sounds sultry and aggressive exactly when she needs to, the music is perfectly arranged and AI’s sections are well-timed.

The B-Side this time is also pretty good. What you gonna do? is more on the hip-hop side, although it also has a Spanish element. The hip-hop element wasn’t pleasant, but the chorus wasn’t all that bad, despite being very short.

CRAZY WORLD (FPM Hyper Society Mix) isn’t horrible, but it’s bad. Just like the remix of BUBBLE TRIP, the remix isn’t meant to be. The lyrics are too fast, and the music just doesn’t fit.


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