Koda Kumi: MOON

MOON, Koda Kumi1. Moon Crying

2. That Ain’t Cool (feat. Fergie)

3. Once Again

4. Lady Go!

MOON is Koda Kumi’s fortieth single, released on June 11th, 2008. It reached #2 on Oricon and has sold 135 442 copies. Moon Crying was used as the theme for the drama Puzzle.

As much as I genuinely hate Koda Kumi’s ballads, Moon Crying isn’t all that bad. The song itself, as usual with Kuu ballads, is nothing special, but her vocal performance in this song is quite nice. She knows how to put emotion into her voice, she just can’t keep the tone down. Compared to the rest of the stuff on this quadruple A-Side, this song shines very brightly.

That Ain’t Cool doesn’t feature Fergie, it’s Fergie feat. Koda Kumi. The lyrics are repetitive, not exactly great, and Koda Kumi’s Engrish really sucks. The song itself is quite catchy, but I think the vocals and certain annoying bits of the song ruin it as a whole.

Once Again is an island-inspired R&B track. Yawn. This song is deadly boring because of the monotonous feel of the song. The chorus is not much of a highlight and the verses are… lame, to say the least. It definitely needs a lot more flavor, and I’m not a fan of the island sound.

Closing the single is the pop track Lady Go!, which isn’t as bad as the gruesome title may have implied. Let’s just say it’s better than the previous song, but still quite average. Here again, the song really needs some flavor.


1 Response to “Koda Kumi: MOON”

  1. 1 shannon October 5, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    yeah i really can’t listen to the song moon crying without crying myself i was HIGHLY unimpressed with FErgie and kumis collab THUMBS DOWN great reviews:)

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