YUI: Summer Song

1. Summer Song

2. Oh My God

3. Laugh Away (Acoustic Version)

Summer Song is YUI’s thirteenth single, released on July 2nd, 2008. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold 115 200 copies.

Summer Song is a refreshing ballad about, well, the summer holidays, beaches, romance, etc. It nears the acoustic work, which, I must point out, is much better than the Alternative stuff she made for her last album, but with a little bit more energy. Perhaps a little work on the vocals, which did sound kind of forced at certain points, would have made the song better, but I liked the overall feel of this single. A step down from Namidairo, but two steps up from I Loved Yesterday. I can’t wait for “I’ll Be”.

Oh My God stays in the same style of I Loved Yesterday, and, it has been said many times, it’s too short! As a single this song wouldn’t be too bad, but she should’ve extended this song by at least another minute. But, on the other hand, finally a good B-Side (I abhor B-Sides, really, I abhor them, because they usual suck real bad).

Laugh Away (Acoustic Version) is a very nice remake of the original, which was the only memorable and well-made album song on I Loved Yesterday. Although the song’s original is a lot better, for the simple reason that entire ensembles sound better and more impressive than a mere guitar, but Laugh Away (Acoustic Version) was a nice closing act.


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