alan: Hitotsu

Hitotsu, alan1. Hitotsu

2. Kimi Omou Sora

3. Sign

4. Tokyo Mimei

Hitotsu is alan’s second single, released on March 5th, 2008. It reached #100 on the Oricon Charts and has  sold 1 486 copies.

Hitotsu (one) is a charming ballad with, if I heard correctly, Scottish or Celtic influences in the background at one point, toward the end of the chorus. I just thought the song was gorgeous charming… Sure, it’s not quite as good as Ashita e no Sanka, but it’s a fantastic ballad. As usual, these songs pick up a bit with the addition of more strings, and, as usual, it was great. The Tibetan influence is there, but not quite as predominant as in her first single

Kimi Omou Sora (the sky you’re thinking of) is a more upbeat song which, like Hitotsu, sounded like it had North-British/Celtic influences in the back. Kimi Omou Sora wasn’t really all as fantastic as the single, and I felt it didn’t succeed quite as well.

Sign‘s beginning reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s “Boho Dance”, but the obvious Tibetan influences mixed with techno beat (which I liked) changed that impression. It has a far more breezy yet heavy feel than the other songs on the single. I appreciated her step into the techno, and, although I have a finicky taste for the genre. Apparently she sung this song in Tibetan, if you’re wondering why you can make out absolutely none of the lyrics.

Tokyo Mimei (Tokyo dawn) is another calm ballad, with very urban beats mixed with classical elements. The verses go, for the most part, without the urban beats, leaving the main music to calm music and a violin in the background. The chorus makes use of alan’s beautiful voice, and I really liked it.


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