Anna Tsuchiya: cocoon

1. cocoon

2. u

3. Guys

cocoon is Anna Tsuchiya’s seventh single, released on January 30th, 2008. It reached #13 on Oricon and has sold 4 527 copies.

cocoon is surprisingly a really good rock song, and also the one that made me like Anna. It does incorporate a certain form of rock during the chorus that is found in American pop-rock artists’ songs that I don’t really like, but I’ll let it pass just because I really like this song. Her vocals are very nice and fit perfectly with the aggressive tone of the song.

u is one of the Anna’s best B-Sides. It’s in the same style as cocoon, but with a little bit of dance music added in the back. The chorus is very nice and just sounds great, and, here again, Anna’s vocal work is very good.

Guys is the worst of the three songs, but nonetheless a good B-Side. It has an acoustic guitar during the verses, but drops it for an electric guitar during the chorus which creates an interesting effect, but that I don’t want to see more experimentation with, because this kind of song can’t and shouldn’t be driven further.


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