Ayumi Hamasaki: talkin’ 2 myself

talkin' 2 myself, Ayumi Hamasaki1. talkin’ 2 myself

2. decision

3. fated “orchestra version”

talkin’ 2 myself is Ayumi Hamasaki’s forty-second single, released on September 18th, 2007. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold over 110 000 copies.

talkin’ 2 myself is a step more toward her album GUILTY with its powerful electric guitar-based tune and the aggressive vocals. It’s a lot better than glitter and even fated, presenting a far darker side to Ayumi (although it should be common knowledge to any Ayu fan that the diva does psychologically suffer under her stardom), which, frankly, I like very much. I would’ve never thought the pop diva would tread into dark, almost metal, rock, and it worked stunningly well.

Ayumi is another of the few artists who create fantastic B-Sides. Although decision is almost the exact same as talkin’ 2 myself when it comes to structure, I really like the adventurous sound it brings to the otherwise completely dark talkin’ 2 myself. It features some very calm verses and then a powerful chorus, and the sound does suggest that, although she is alone (talkin’ 2 myself), she will continue to do what she does.

I prefer the original, but  the orchestra version of fated is interesting. It does lack a certain something, but it’s a welcome addition to the single.


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