Every Little Thing: Atarashii Hibi/Ougon no Tsuki

Atarashii Hibi, Every Little Thing

1. Atarashii Hibi

2. Ougon no Tsuki

This is Every Little Thing’s thirty-sixth single, released on August 27th, 2008.

Atarashii Hibi (new days) is an uplifting, happy track. The powerful string arrangement in the back isn’t gorgeous, but it’s nice and relaxing, and makes the song very rich. Once more, I have fallen in love with Kaori’s voice. The chorus is even more powerful. If there’s one word to characterize this song, it’d be fun. But, on the other hand, the song drives it over the edge, with too many instruments.

Ougon no Tsuki (golden moon) opens with a powerful wedding-like sequence, and then turns down a tiny bit. The guitar was kind of unexpected, by I got used to it. I didn’t really like Ougon no Tsuki because of the vocals, which I felt were kind of unappropriate. The chorus isn’t too good either, because the vocals are almost forced to high notes.


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