Anna Tsuchiya: BUBBLE TRIP/sweet sweet song


2. sweet sweet song

3. BUBBLE TRIP (Studio Apartment Remix)

BUBBLE TRIP/sweet sweet song is Anna Tsuchiya’s sixth single, released on August 1st, 2007. It reached #18 on Oricon and has sold 8 569 copies.

I’m not sure what exactly to think about BUBBLE TRIP. On one hand, the song is sort of catchy during the chorus, but it sounds a lot like Falco’s (an Austrian singer) “Viva Amadeus”, but on the other hand, the song’s overall presentation is rather sloppy and it, well, bluntly put, sucks. I suppose it’s an average song, with nothing all that special to it.

sweet sweet song sounds like the opening theme for a really bad reality TV show (Laguna Beach, you are directly concerned by that comment) and is just really boring, and the vocals just add to that. The chorus is so, so, so common and boring!

BUBBLE TRIP (Studio Apartment Remix) sounds like a whole different song, and is actually three time worse than the original. The beat doesn’t suit the song at all, and the piano is absolutely unnecessary. I was expecting something interesting, but this isn’t interesting at all.


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