alan: Ashita e no Sanka

Ashita e no Sanka, alan

1. Ashita e no Sanka

2. Sakura Modern

Ashita e no Sanka is Tibetan singer alan’s Japanese debut single and it was released on November 1st, 2007. It reached #69 on the Oricon charts and has sold 4729 copies.

Although many rant about them, including me, we all love our avex artists. They’re unoriginal for the most part, but the musical is for the better. Remains the fact that they’ve never really had someone who really shocked in their style of music or seemed to be distinctly different from their fellow avex acts. And that’s when alan came along. Although her debut reached a surprisingly low #69 (for avex, that is), Ashita e no Sanka (a hymn for tomorrow) is a better and more impressive debut single than Utada Hikaru’s Automatic/Time Will Tell nine years earlier. With a gentle instrumental section, the song eventually comes to the chorus, which is marked by alan’s “distinctly different” attribute, namely her religious Tibetan singing. Like most of the stuff she is releasing, it is not catchy, it’s plain beautiful and it really transports you into a new world.

Sakura Modern (cherry blossom modern) is pretty much the complete contrary of the A-Side: the music is far more powerful, but the vocals are pretty low-key. It’s a catchy melody and I really liked the mixture of traditional melody and urban beat. An absolutely fantastic B-Side.


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