Ayumi Hamasaki: glitter/fated

glitter/fated, Ayumi Hamasaki1. glitter

2. fated

3. Secret

glitter/fated is Ayumi Hamasaki’s forty-first single, released on July 18th, 2007. It reached #1 on Oricon and has sold  166 203 copies in Japan, and over 244 00o copies worldwide.

We all remember them… fairytale, BLUE BIRD… all those pretty bad summer songs by Ayumi, and now we have glitter, a pretty bad song by pretty much anyone’s standards. First of all, it sounds too much like a cocaine-induced version of BLUE BIRD with over-joyous vocals and a horrible beat. Even the divas have their missteps; and this one is Ayumi’s.

fated is much, much better. It features the more aggressive sound to be later heard on GUILTY. It bears a resemblance to HEAVEN, with its slowly evolving tune, although this one does it much faster. This single really makes it obvious to me why everyone’s saying her album GUILTY is too much like her old stuff. It’s just a collection of all the bits of songs that Ayumi has produced in her then nine-year career, sloppily rearranged.

Finally comes Secret, the title track of her eighth album. One thing must be said about Ayumi: she has never had a really good title track. This one, like most, isn’t bad, but it’s nothing special either, and that’s pretty much the role of a title track.


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