Asian Kung-Fu Generation: After Dark

1. After Dark

2. Yuigahama Kite

After Dark is Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s tenth single, released on November 11th, 2007, becoming their first and only release in almost exactly a year. It reached #4 on Oricon and has sold 57 760. After Dark was selected as the opening theme for Bleach.

After one year of taking a break (thank God I didn’t know of them at that point), Asian Kung-Fu Generation makes a triumphant return with After Dark, an upbeat song with excellent lyrics, instrumentals and vocals, all accentuated by guitar staccatos with make the song more aggressive-sounding. This song falls out of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s habitual field of work, since it’s not a punk song about gentle love, but a punk song about life in a more general sense, and it sure did succeed!

Yuigahama Kite (Yuigahama being the name of a place) is your average (and as such, really bad) AJIKAN B-Side. Nothing special, in fact quite annoying and a bore. I love them, but they have to work on their B-Sides a little more.


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