Anna Tsuchiya inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES): LUCY


2. better day

3. Dance with me

LUCY is Anna Tsuchiya’s fifth single, released on February 7th, 2007. It reached #9 on Oricon and has sold 12 620 copies. It is her second single as LUCY inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES), used as the opening theme to the anime version of the anime series NANA.

LUCY isn’t really all that good. Alright, it features whole massive cast of famous musicians, but it remains a fact that this song is one of her worst. It has what it needs to be a good rock song, but it doesn’t drive it far enough, which one of the essences of making good rock songs. The “yeah, yeah” was too punk for Anna and just doesn’t sound good. She has a sultry, seducing voice, not a punk voice.

better day is better, but also kind of mediocre. It’s more of an acoustic track, and is far more laid back and less punk than LUCY. The electric guitars enter later, which does aid my rating, and the vocal work is very nice.

My favorite of the three songs on this single, Dance with me, features a 70s dance rhythm hidden behind the rock rhythm and Anna’s more aggressive yet sultry voice. It sounds like something maybe artists like Madonna and P!NK would release.


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